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Functional + Beautiful.

We feel that for a space to be complete, it should not only be functional, but beautiful as well. The unique warmth of exposed timbers and the durability they provide can only be experienced with this style of building.

Truly Green Building.

For many people, the environmental impact of modern construction can be of real concern when deciding how or what to build for themselves.

The phrase “Green Building” has been used quite extensively to promote certain products or practices and has a very wide range of interpretation. For some “green” is using only natural materials like wood, stone, or straw to build with. For others, synthetic building materials are fine to use as long as the process to manufacture them is efficient and saves energy over time.

Each of us differ slightly in our interpretations of how to build and where the environmental impacts stand. We believe that a good building practice is aimed towards minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency of both products and processes.

If you’re careful and you plan it properly, the building process can be low impact, non-toxic, and highly efficient with very little waste. We’re proud to state that the bulk of the waste from our framing operation is in the form of bio-degradable cut-offs.

Experience + Passion.

Daniel Pedersen, owner and founder of the company, is a licensed construction supervisor and professional member of the Timber Framer’s Guild.

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