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High-Posted Barn

32’x48’ high-posted cape-style barn featuring locally milled lumber and shiplap pine board sheathing.

Greenfield, MA
Summer 2011

Project Description

We met the client for this project while finishing what is now the Atlas Farm store. He walked in and smiled a big smile, then looked around and said “This is the barn I want!”

Later that year we built him the same structure, more or less, without the shed roof addition. The frame joinery for this barn was cut at our shop and the finished timbers were then trucked to the site for raising. It took a day to get the main frame section put together and another day and a half to fly in the roof truss system. The framing timbers were provided by David Lashway of Highland Community Lumber in Goshen and were logged nearby in Southampton. We wrapped the frame with shiplap pine board sheathing that was logged and milled by Dick French of Gill, Ma.

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