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Home Renovation with Addition

Renovations on a log cabin featuring a new woodshed addition and stonework.

Buckland, MA
Summer 2014

Log Cabin Addition Before Renovation

Log Cabin Addition Before Renovation

After renovation

Custom stonework

We hired Dan to do a major overhaul of our house in the summer of 2014. We knew right upon meeting him that we were in good hands. He is a skilled carpenter, a good project manager, and above all kind, thoughtful and considerate. It was a pleasure to have him and his crew in our home every day, and we were genuinely sorry to see them go when the project wrapped up. We continue to be thrilled with the work that he did, and cannot recommend him highly enough.

— Maya Nayak & George Langford

Project Description

The clients for this job bought their dream home overlooking a beautiful apple orchard knowing full well that the house was going to need a lot of work. The original log cabin was in good shape but the recent addition was suffering.

We removed all of the windows, re-framed all of the openings to fit their new energy efficient Marvin Integrity Windows and Therma Tru doors. The addition was also poorly insulated and in some spots missing it altogether so we filled the wall cavities with dense pack blown cellulose. The exterior was originally sheathed with pine boards that had been painted black and had unsurprisingly cupped and twisted to the point that most small to mid-sized animals could find an easy entry into the wall. These boards were removed and we re-sided the building with cedar shingles.  As a finish, we built a timber frame woodshed on the side of the addition and had local stonemason Aaron Rutz lay the stone floor. Last we heard, the clients had their plumber run some pipes so it can double as an outdoor shower in the summer.

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