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Outdoor Pavilion

Hammer beam truss using all locally milled timbers of white oak and white pine

Quonquont Farm
Whately, MA
Spring 2019

Project Description

This is a unique timber frame design referred to as a hammer beam truss that has its roots deep in the past when this style was first identified in the giant tithe barns of medieval Europe. This truss was engineered to maximize the amount of clear span between the two walls thereby eliminating the need for a center post by directing the load bearing stress to the outside wall posts.

This building was constructed using all locally milled timbers and consists of white oak and white pine. It will no doubt make a fine and lasting addition to the other meticulously cared for buildings on the farm.

Visit Quonquont Farm during business hours and see the frame in all its glory. It will remain without any siding for the foreseeable future so feel free to check it out up close.

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