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Queenpost Barn

20’x60’ Queenpost-style barn assisted by the homeowner, enclosed with SIPS, and featuring local wood.

Williamsburg, MA
October 2013

Project Description

This barn will serve as a workshop and office space for local piano restoration expert Sean Mallari. Sean is a skilled woodworker with no timber framing experience so we helped him in the cutting of his own frame by providing drawings, laying out joinery, and teaching him and his crew how to cut mortise and tenon joints and pre-assemble the frame for raising day. After a successful raising complete with gourmet lunches for the crew,  we wrapped the building in SIPs’ and installed a vented metal roof system. Sean then finished the barn himself with shiplap pine boards from local millwright Ponders Hollow. The framing timbers were provided by David Lashway of Highland Community Lumber in Goshen. All the wood for this frame was sourced and milled locally.

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